2011 NHL Trade Rumors – Shea Weber to Maple Leafs?

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Though the NHL season has just begun, there will be teams that find they have holes in their roster, and these teams could make some in-season moves to keep their playoff hopes alive this season.

The latest rumor in the hockey world comes from Bleacher Report, and it has the Nashville Predators trading Shea Weber to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Weber is owed $7.5 million this season after winning his arbitration case and that was much more than the Predators were offering their star defencemen, and that could lead to a trade at some point this season.

Toronto is fast becoming an up and coming team and one that is not afraid of making deals. The Maple leafs have several talented centers, and at some point it will cause some problems with playing time between them. Toronto would need to add several players to a deal to match salaries, but if the team is in the hunt for the NHL playoffs, look for Toronto to make any deals possible to improve the team’s roster and break the streak of not making the post-season.

Nashville has several players it would like to sign long-term deals with, but the money they owe Weber, that could hinder the team’s progress. Watch the progress of Nashville and if the team starts slowly, a deal could be soon.

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