2012 Comic-Con: ‘Supernatural’s’ Jim Beaver on Bobby’s Future, ‘Anything’ Being ‘Possible’

Supernatural was well-represented at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con this year, with the two series regulars and a few recurring stars present, along with the returning Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund. Gather.com had the chance to sit down in the press room with them and try to find out what’s coming up in season 8.

Will Bobby Be Back?

b121.pngSeason 7 saw Bobby die in “Death’s Door,” an episode that gave Jim Beaver the chance to shine and an episode that showed just how much of a surrogate father Bobby had become for Sam and Dean. However, that wasn’t the end of the heartbreak. As suspected, Bobby showed up again as the season progressed, this time as a ghost in a way that allowed them to explore how a ghost becomes vengeful. In the end, they had to burn his flask, but was that really the end of Bobby?

With Jim Beaver present at Comic-Con, of course it seems likely that Bobby will be involved in the upcoming season in some way. However, Beaver remains tight-lipped in the video below, only saying when asked about it, “I’ll be very interested to find out what happens to Bobby in season 8″ and reminding the press that “nobody stays dead long on Supernatural.” Season 8 will be showing what happened to Sam and Dean while they were apart (Jared Padalecki previews what Sam was up to here), and with Dean in purgatory, it’s hard not to speculate that Bobby could show up there. Finally, to end the interview, Beaver says, “Stay hopeful and anything’s possible.” That’s certainly true on this show. Anything could happen—and has happened in the past.

Will you be tuning in to Supernatural season 8?

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