2012 Election: Opposition against Obama Driving Voters

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With the 2012 election mere months away, the GOP candidates continue to fight tooth and nail to win their party’s nomination. But, in the end, will the faith-based voters that essentially divide one candidate from another now choose to rally together to force Barack Obama from office in November? Many voters are extremely disgruntled with the state of the economy, the Health Care Law and gas prices, so it seems highly possible.

If you asked Richard Land, the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission President, you would get an affirmative “yes,” as Land says the opposition towards the current president is so great it will drive the different religious communities together during the 2012 Election, according to the Columbia Tribune.

Currently, voter opposition against President Barack Obama has resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court even being asked to decide if his Health Care Law—specifically the mandate that dictates citizens buy health insurance coverage—is unconstitutional. When citizens start complaining a president is force-feeding them their laws that can spell doom for a second term, prompting normally opposing groups to band together in that effort.

It’s this kind of opposition to Obama that is driving speeches of many of his Republican opponents, too, who say the president hasn’t improved the economy as he promised, nor reduced America’s dependence on foreign oil, yet he has forced his Health Care Law on America’s citizens, despite some components of it being an affront to the religious community.

So you can see why the presidential candidates seem to have a leg to stand on, especially after the comments from the Supreme Court justices hearing the Health Care Law case.

As late as Wednesday the justices of the Supreme Court appeared as committed to ruling the mandate was unconstitutional as they were at the onset, despite passionate pleas for the opposite result, including a plea from Pres. Obama.

But Obama has been on shaky ground with the high court since the beginning of his term, when he called attention to them in a negative light during one of his speeches to Congress. He may have burned a bridge he now wishes he could cross before the 2012 Election.

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