2012 NFL Mock Draft – Updated First Round Rankings

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Several NFL teams are in need of help already and fans of these squads are already looking forward to the draft next spring. College football is winding down its regular season and draft junkies are getting a better idea of what players will be going in the top rounds. Here is a look at the top prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft and a rough ranking for the top 32 players for the first week in November.

Andrew Luck has been the highest ranked player since last year’s draft and the Stanford quarterback has only raised his status with his play this season. Luck is possibly the highest ranked college football quarterback of the last 10 years and will go number one in next year’s draft.

Melvin Ingram of South Carolina is one of the more intriguing players considered first round material. Ingram plays on a defensive line that could have three players drafted, and though he has produced for the Gamecocks, is it from his skills or the players that surround him? The NFL combine will be a big week for the youngster as he can increase his stock with teams if he has a good showing.

Michael Floyd from Notre Dame is the player that has dropped the most from his ranking at the end of last season. Floyd has had trouble off the field and his production has been down this season, sending red flag warnings to coaches and GM’s around the league. Floyd will need a terrific off-season of workouts and interviews to raise his status to the level it was before the year began.

Several players have jumped into the top 32 with their play this season, but the NFL has become more of a league looking for players that have produced for three or fours years and not just one. The size and strength of players also come into question, and the combine will answer all those questions at the beginning of next year.

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