~2013 Credo~

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Every year I write a new credo for myself.  I know they are true reflections of my evolving sense of self and purpose.  This new year is bringing me a growing awareness of the world and my place in it.  What I can do and what I mustn’t do.  Let me try to explain:

The world is a constant assault on our senses.  There seems to be so much negativity thrust at us from the media and also well meaning people whose sense of personal integrity is tied to social issues and righting what ails society.

I, myself, tend to be in that “camp” of thinking, and oftentimes I have been known to rush in and try to fix an injustice.  But there has to be a balance, for too much of this “outward” looking can break us, when change seems slow in coming, or not to come at all.  We can lose hope and forget about the beauty that exists in the world and the goodness on display every day when we get mired down with thoughts of GMO’s, fracking, rapes in India, murder, lobbyists, the price of gas, the price of produce, the loss of conversation, Google Glass and on and on and on.

Hopelessness and fear can ferment and grow in such an environment.  The soul can shrivel and be lost in a sea of discontent and gloom.  So, what’s to be done?  Can we turn our backs on issues which not only catch our attention, but demand our inner consciousness to respond?  Of course not.  But first we must tend to ourselves, so our resolve and will is strong enough not to be broken.

Such is the “work” I’m involved in now.  This year my goal is to continue to “awaken”, even though the more “awake” I become, the stronger the struggle becomes.  Ignorance truly is bliss, if you know what I mean.  I am letting go of the layers I placed upon me, like cloaked garments.   Instead I just want to stand here, raw and naked (so to speak) and allow myself to breath in authenticity.  I have to let go of many things (and some people), but the goal is to reach as pure a state of humanity as I can.  To see as it is, not as I wish.  To taste, to feel, to smell, to touch with open eyes and wide open heart.  To move and act with joy – sometimes with focused purpose and sometimes to simply sway.  I  want relationships (of all kinds) to be joyful and free of toxicity.  To embrace the uncertainty of our times and be open to the lessons.   To let go of assumptions and pre-conceived notions.  Try new things…sample the beauty of this world.

I still want a world free of its troubles, a world which remembers the beauty of simplicity, the art of conversation, the sensuality of words and touch, the dreams of the inspired and the priceless gift of unconditional love.  But I must also remember to love myself and allow myself the freedom of doing what I can, without it destroying my inner peace.


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