$229M Minnesota Powerball Winners Tom and Kathleen Morris Claim Lottery Jackpot

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Congratulations to the Minnesota Powerball winners! The Burnsville, MN couple claimed $228,900,000 at the Minnesota State Lottery headquarters on August 12th. Their Powerball winning numbers were 11, 18, 36, 41, 46 and the Powerball number was 38.

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Tom and Kathleen Morris: Minnesota’s Newest Multimillionaires

“It started on Monday,” Kathleen said at the Minnesota State Lottery press release (see the video below) on Friday, August 12th. “We met with our financial adviser and things didn’t look very promising. I told Tom the only way we’re going to retire is if we win the lottery.”

Little did they know that just two days later, they would be the newest—and largest—multimillionaires in Minnesota’s Powerball history!

Tom Morris told his wife, “Then you better buy a ticket!” Instead, Tom stopped in at SuperAmerica at 16161 Cedar Avenue in Lakeville, Minnesota, for a few Quick Pick Powerball tickets. He says he usually buys three tickets, but only had a $5 bill in his pocket, so he bought five tickets this time. Good thing too, because it was the fourth ticket that made them the richest Minnesota Powerball winners ever.

A Tough Choice: Powerball Annuity, or One-Time Cash Prize?

The Morrises now have a tough choice to make. They have 60 days to decide whether they want to take the $228,900,000 Powerball jackpot in 30 annual annuity payments, or the one-time cash option of approximately $123,000,000. After Uncle Sam takes his portion, Tom and Kathleen Morris will pocket about $84,000,000 in cold hard cash!

They must still be shell-shocked with the thought of all this money available to them now. What would you do? Would you take the annuity, or take all the cash up front?

Just two days before, Tom and Kathleen were wondering if they’d ever retire. The Minnesota Powerball winners certainly don’t have to worry about money ever again!

Largest Jackpot in Minnesota

“This is the largest jackpot ever won in Minnesota,” said Acting Lottery Director Jenny Canfield. Tom and Kathleen Morris are also Minnesota’s 21st Powerball jackpot winners since the Powerball game began in 1992.

Someone had to win the monstrous Powerball jackpot, and the Morrises are glad it was them!

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