23Years ago…

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Hard to believe 23years ago today’ I had a baby boy special in so many ways!

I’ve been on this emotional “roller coaster” ride trying to understand’ why your not here with us? And trying not to cry..

You had such a fun and ‘Genuine personality..Full of life and pure “Orneriness” indeed..

You had such “Passion” for the music that you made. The same kind of passion” for the words that you had written..

You were wise far beyond your years! But you loved the challenge’ of a good ole dare..

But above all” you showed ~ compassion’ love’ and respect..Because of all of this’ you will always be missed..

This world lost an ~ Awesome ~ Young man’ I’m proud to say’ I’am’ your Mom~ I’am”..

I miss so many things” the Music, Fun, and your Hugs. How can I wish you a “happy birthday” It will never be enough!

I wish you were here to swat your “butt” 23 time’s! Just to show you “Mom” still could keep you in ~ line.. Lol..

It has been 2-1/2 years’ You will always be in my heart’ but I want you near.. Until then my world is insesure..

BARRY ~ (Happy Birthday) to you! I wish you were here!!

As the song goes’ I will always love you!!

By Kay Garrod. 9-17-2012….9-17-1989….


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