$25 Million Lawsuit Against Sigma Alpha Epsilon after Cornell Student Dies during Hazing

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The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity has been hit with a $25 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit due to a death that occurred after an alleged night of fraternity hazing at Cornell University. A young college student is dead and his mother wants justice. Will she win the lawsuit against the fraternity that allegedly plied him with alcohol and did not get medical help when he became unconscious?

Why do colleges and universities still allow fraternities to function on campuses? There have been so many deaths due to fraternity hazing over the years. How many more parents will lose a son to hazing before universities ban fraternities?

George Desdunes, a student from Brooklyn, New York died after an alleged night of being forced to drink alcohol after being kidnapped by members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, notes the New York Times. The fraternity pledge had his ankles and wrists bound by fraternity members. He became unconscious from the alcohol and yet they did not release the ties until after he was dead. How could the fraternity members allegedly be so careless about a young man’s life?

At the time of his death, George Desdunes was only age 19. He should have had a long life in front of him. Instead his mother has lost her only child. She is now on a mission to ensure that fraternities do not allow deadly hazing activities.

At the time of his death, Desdunes had a blood alcohol level of 0.409, which is about five times the level to legally drive in New York State, the location of Cornell University. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members allegedly made him drink so much alcohol he did not survive the night of hazing.

George Desdunes was a biology major. He was obviously bright and had the courage to take on a challenging major. It is tragic that now he is gone due to immature antics of fraternity boys. To see a photo of Desdunes and his mother go to NBC New York.

Some members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Cornell received charges of first-degree hazing and unlawfully dealing with a child in connection with a death, due to evidence tampering. Cornell removed recognition of this fraternity. However, what about the other fraternities on campus? The crazy hazing stunts are likely happening there too.

If you have a son in or approaching college, talk to him about the dangers of fraternity hazing. Inform him that drinking heavily too often leads to death. Talk to him about what happened at the Cornell fraternity. Tell him that you never, ever want him to risk his life while in college.

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