2/5/09 Elisabeth Hasselbeck Ashley Judd Rant Compares Wolf Hunting to Abortion on The View (Watch the Video Here)

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck attacked Ashley Judd and co-hosts on The View today over a PSA that Judd released speaking out against aerial wolf hunting and Sarah Palin.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck unsuccessfully tries to compare wolf hunting to abortion claiming that Ashley Judd should be "as loud about the wolves as the 260,000 kids that are killed in abortions." When the other hosts of The View try to redirect her back to the topic at hand she calls them SOCIALISTS!

My first reaction to this was to be annoyed but on second review I couldn't help but laugh. Hasselbeck completely embarrasses herself by making such an extreme comparison and then losing her temper and yelling at her co-hosts. Why doesn't Ashley Judd have a right to campaign for a cause that she believes in? Nobody is putting Elisabeth Hasselbeck down for her pro life views; she just chose to shove them down people's throats in an inappropriate way.


Do you think Hasselbeck was out of line or effectively using The View to promote her pro life agenda?


Here is the footage from The View today:




Original PSA by Ashley Judd


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