3 quick questions on the price of gas

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Minnesota Public Radio‘s 89.3 The Current teamed up with The Citizens League to present Policy and a Pint, a chance to talk about, well, policy issues in an informal, beverage-sipping setting. The Thursday, July 19, 2007, discussion is all about money and oil. Yes, that would be: Policy and a Pint: The Price of Gas. 

I’m looking for a transparent show of hands. Please share your answers to these 3 quick questions:

1. At what price-per-gallon of gas would you decide driving a car just isn’t worth it?

$3.50 / gallon
/ gallon
/ gallon
/ gallon
Driving? I’ve already given up driving!


2. Yes or No: Can the U.S. government have a positive role in controlling the price of gas?


3. In 3 sentences: What is the most viable solution to our dependence on fossil fuels?

Julia Schrenkler

Minnesota Public Radio Interactive Producer

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