‘3 Second Rule': A Song So Awful it’s Great (Video)

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A music video by Lisa Gail Allred called “3 Second Rule” is going viral not because it’s a good song, but because it’s so awful it reaches Ed Wood-esquian heights of unknowingly talentless pop culture.

The video, surprisingly well-produced and with a bouncy beat, suffers from a terrible, off-key vocal performance against the backdrop of a head-scratchingly dumb subject: men looking at other women.

According to Allred, she has a rule when it comes to her man’s straying eyes. Four seconds is one second too long.

Incomprehensibly set in a classroom with cowboy-hatted studs vying for her attention, “3 Second Rule” commits many infractions against Pop Song 101 rules of engagement. But it’s also what makes the video so refreshingly mesmerizing to watch.

There’s no sense making up someone else’s mind. It has to be seen to believed. Here’s the video:

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