3 Secret Service Agents Resign: Self-government at its Finest?

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Guess what? On Friday 3 Secret Service agents resigned from their jobs due to the prostitution scandal still rocking the Obama administration. So add them to the list of agents who have left the protection-providing agency as of Friday.

The kicker this time, however, is that these three agents chose to exit of their own accord rather than wait around for the government to decide they should go.

How’s that for self-government? Now if they could only have done it when in Cartagena, Columbia, right?

It doesn’t speak well about our government that it is taking an act of Congress to get to the bottom of an investigation that any police department could have been finished with long before now. Yet the greatest country on earth’s protection agency can’t get’r done any faster?

So what’s the latest body count on the issue?

According to the LA Times, that now leaves five more agents still employed that were part of the prostitution scandal, but they are without their security clearances now. But despite the fact that they are at least on administrative leave, that doesn’t mean they aren’t getting paid.

The GSA executive responsible for using tax payer monies to fund his Hawaii 17-day vacation with his wife is still drawing a paycheck too, while he is on administrative leave.

So it appears that people who work at the federal level enjoy a level of financial benefit that the rest of the taxpayers in the country do not, even when they are up to no good on the clock.

But what can one expect given the unwillingness of the president to even pick up the phone or make a serious comment on the matter beyond, “They have my full confidence”?

Earlier, in a White House press briefing, Obama’s press secretary Jay Carney pooh poohed comments regarding the president’s neglect in picking up the phone and talking over the matter with Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan.

To hear Carney tell it, the exits of six officers responsible for the Cartagena prostitution scandal was just a blip on the radar, with no need to take it seriously until someone, somewhere told the president that it was “serious” and the investigation was complete.

He’s kidding, right? Well, at least the agents involved know they are in the wrong and willing to resign to prove it.

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