3 Tubs of Oldness

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Today my mom brought over 3 tubs full of my belongings from when I was a kid, because they are moving to a new house and will not be able to store them anymore. One tub is full of Barbies!! I loved barbies when I was little girl…It was fun looking through them all..seeing the accessories I had with them..things like a smoothie maker, mini furniture, and all the fake cute foods… Another tub was full of random miscellaneous things that I made when I was in school and old class photos…and the last tub was full of dollies. (I have another tub back at my moms that she is holding on to since it’s full of porcelain dolls! She’s worried they might get broken here lol) But all the dollies in this tub, that are not porcelain..were mostly made by my grandma…Meaning they’re mostly cloth and being old, they have developed brown spots in some areas…kinda sad…and the yarny hair has gotten matted up and pretty gross lol. All the things I’m holding on to in these tubs, are things I would like to keep to give to my *future* daughter…I really hope and pray that some day I will have a girl-whether from me and hubby  or through adoption. But some of these dolls just seem too old to give..yet I feel obligated to keep them since they were made with love by my grammy…I thought about maybe taking some of the clothing that she made and possibly making clothes for different dolls or possibly even my *future* daughter to wear ;) And maybe washing some of the cloth dollies..but the other ones..like with plastic heads..I just don’t know what to do with them…Below is a picture of not even all the dollies lol. So looking at each and every one of them, what comes to mind? Can I revamp any of them and fill them with new love? lol. Any ideas are welcome! (sorry this pic seems to be way to bluury!! lol so just check out it below then I suppose lol)

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