3 Weeks Ago Tomorrow….

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Our newest little one, Marcus, was born! He’s already going to be 3 weeks old tomorrow! I can’t believe it! Where does the time go? Although, I have to admit, time is going along rather oddly right now, due to serious sleep deprivation and trying to get my house and family back into something RESEMBLING our normal schedule!

Ha! What’s normal when you’ve got seven children, anyway? I’d LOVE for someone with a large family to be able to answer that one for me! LOL..

The craziest thing happened this morning, too! I actually got up, dressing in something besides hubby’s baggy t-shirts and my baggiest jeans, was actually wearing “real” shoes and not a pair of sneakers. I even put my make-up on and fixed my hair! Amazing, isn’t it? Right?

SO… anyway… I go into a convenience store and the girl behind the counter remembers me being huge pregnant and very much NOT put together too long ago, so she said something along the lines of “You look nice, how’s the baby?”I told her HE was just fine, but Mommy was tired, that I’d forgotten how exhausting a newborn is! (Boy, and aren’t they though? I think Moms of more than one develop amnesia between children and that’s how they end up having more! LOL)

Anyway, so she asked me if this was my first baby! I couldn’t help myself, I started laughing! I told her no, this is baby number seven for me. After a moment of stunned silence, she comes out with “But you don’t LOOK like you’ve had seven kids!”

Ummm, thanks lady, I think. Just what is someone who’s had seven children *supposed* to look? LOL!!! I just don’t understand people’s thought process sometimes!

But, back to baby. He’s doing awesome! Last doctor’s appointment last week, he’d gained a pound and six ounces since being discharged from the hospital and he’s actually sleeping *almost* five hours through the night… So, all’s good here. I definitely think (and hubby agrees!) that this will probably be our last baby! As easy as my babies have been, I am just getting too tired too easily to have more.

But, he’s awesome and wonderful and all that stuff. :) Watch for pics in the coming weeks!


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