$30,000 Dinner to help economy.

So the president of the “people’s house” formerly known as the White House, known to many as President Obama, who want to eat with him and hear him speak about the problems with economy, only had to pay $30,000 a dinner.  Wow!  That’s a deal.  If these people have that much money for a dinner and a talk, they don’t need to discuss our economic problems.  I don’t think they understand my problems.

I don’t think the president understands my problems.  Maybe we could use one of those dinners to pay my taxes this year.  How about that Mr. President?  Or  $30,000 for a dinner?  That would help many a family.  How many people attended this dinner in Beverly Hills?   How many families could each $30,000 a plate feed.  How many families would that feed?  In reality at least 10 families per year could live quite well with an additional 30,000 dollars.  

How’s that for an economic conference?   Was that a Republican president?  No?

Lousy hypocrites.

Let’s crunch some numbers.

10,000 people at $1000, to $2500 just to hear the president speak about theeconomy.  That’s $10,000,000 to  $25,000,000.  That’s a lot of hamburgers for poor folks.

250 people at $30,000 dollars each is

$7,500,000  that’s 7 and a half billion dollars.

  So where is the money Mr. Obama?  Where?  Is it going to feed the poor you and Mrs. Obama are so concerned about?  Is it going to pay off the the trillions you are spending on so called bailouts or rich companies but not poor people?

Bring me back to earth.  That’s a one night fundraiser, for Mr. Obama.  So?  What’s the battle cry of the democrats about the rich republicans? 

Yeah, the Kennedys and the Obamas understand the hurts of the rest of us.  Don’t tax me, Mr. President.   Use some of the money you made May 28 to open your mouth and eat and speak.

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