350 Couples in Bolivia Married in Mass Ceremony

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Bolivia was the site of a mass wedding with 350 couples married at the same time. The Andean mass wedding had all couples married in accordance to their customs and traditions of their Indian heritage. “Indian religious leaders presided over the wedding as did symbolically Pachamama — the earth deity of the Aymara and Quechua races of Bolivia’s highlands Indians.”

It’s amazing that something of this nature could occur with everyone behaving themselves and keeping in line with their traditions. It’s good that the mass wedding didn’t turn into some sort of a wild spectacle. See a photo of the event via SignOn SanDiego.

However, as interesting as this mass wedding was, what was more interesting is that there was only one best man for all the couples. He was Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales. The event occurred on Saturday at the coliseum of Bolivia’s capital, La Paz. The coliseum was decorated with “large white flowers and indigenous banners” and the 350 couples were serenaded by multiple bands.

However, each individual couple had their own civil ceremony prior to the mass wedding of all 350 couples. There’s little doubt that by the end of the day, Bolivia was also the site of many happy honeymooners.

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