4 Breaking Bad Characters Most Likely to Kill Walt Next Season

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Breaking Bad‘s Walter White hasn’t won yet. Season 4’s loose ends will need fastidious tieing up, which will surely leave Walt in mortal danger continuously throughout Season 5.

Here are some Breaking Bad characters most likely to rain on Walt’s parade in the final season!

4) Ted Beneke (posthumously): Ted’s death has conveniently not been accounted for yet. This surely will not go away, Skylar will be a suspect and the investigation would entail Walt. Ted’s financial missteps have already cost Walt a chance to disappear in witness relocation.

3) Mike: Don’t forget about the bad man in Mexico who will have a whole year to heal up before the next season. Look for him and Jesse to renew their bond.

2) Jesse: If Jesse finds out that Walt poisoned Brock he will not forgive him. Don’t forget that Walt also let Jesse’s previous girl choke to death on her own vomit. Walt’s poisoning of the young boy supplies the cliffhanger for next season and will undoubtedly become a talking point for next season. Walt needs to get rid of that plant in his backyard, pronto.

1) Hank and the DEA: While Walt thinks he has “won” he needs to remember he is not above the law. He did a lot of running around, ruffling up feathers in the last episode. Here are many ways the DEA could get on his trail.

Notable Mention: Saul. He has stuck his neck out for Walt and Jesse time and time again, and why? Morality? Please. To start their relationship Jesse and Walt took him out the desert with a bag over his head. Look for Saul to give up Walt before giving up himself, but it would not be surprising if Breaking Bad writers decide to kill him off, if for no other reason than the shock factor.

- Tio Hector’s old lady neighbor saw him on a ledge outside Hector’s window. She could easily be written off (maybe as senile) and never heard of again, but is still a possibility.

- Walt’s rental car: If someone looks into this does Walt have an alibi prepared?

- Fingerprints: Did Walt leave prints on Gus’ car? After Jesse and Walt arson-ized the lab they cleaned up their prints outside in the laundromat. However, on the upper catwalk of the lab, Walt clutched a railing when taking off his yellow jumpsuit. Did the flames go up that high?

Walt’s behavior to end this season has evolved beyond the description of “breaking bad,” as he takes steps deeper and deeper into evil. He has he pissed off (and killed) bad despicable people, supplied thousands of addicted and flawed people with life ruining drugs and worst of all he has begun to jeopardize the innocent.

Knowing the tactics of Vince Gilligan unseen surprises and questions will arise and there will not be just one threat to Walt but many, all at once. Best of luck to the viewers of Breaking Bad in waiting for season 5.

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