‘4 Wedding Planners’ available on VOD

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Director Michael Kang’s latest feature, 4 Wedding Planners (formerly Knots), is available on Video on Demand and as a digital download starting today.

Unlike his previous features, The Motel and West 32nd Street, his latest film was written by and stars Kimberly-Rose Wolter. Wolter plays Lily, the oldest of three sisters, all by different dads. Mom Miriam (Illeana Douglas) believes in love and marriage, but maybe not so much the everlasting nature of either. As you might expect, that’s left all three of her daughters with some issues.

So it’s not entirely unexpected that when James (Henry Dittman), Lily’s boyfriend of three years, proposes at a luau, that her reaction might not be all he’d hoped. In fact, the proposal sends her fleeing home to family and old friends, including Kai (Sung Kang), and old boyfriend.

While home, Miriam ropes Lily, a photographer by trade, into helping with the struggling family business. The family business is wedding planning, hence the title. Twinny (Mia Riverton) and Hoku (Janel Parrish) have been a part of the business all along. All of the headaches and craziness are kind of a perfect fit for Twinny, who is very much Type A. Twinny is very happy to have Lily helping out, but Hoku, who has a more complicated relationship with Lily, is less thrilled.

While ushering a former classmate through her wedding plans, Lily contemplates love and marriage and family ties (one of the reasons the former title Knots worked so well). 4 Wedding Planners is a fun romantic comedy. Not all the characters are likable all the time, but that’s kind of life, isn’t it? It doesn’t hurt that it was shot on location in beautiful Hawaii either.

You can watch a preview here:

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