4-Year-Old Kountze Texas Girl Burned Head To Toe By Mom

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A girl who was burned and abused for months died recently. The name of the little 4-year-old child in Kountze, TX died Wednesday after her mother called 911. Her name has not been released. While she died from blunt force trauma, police believe she was abused for months.

According to Fox News, the girl had bruises and cigarette burns from head to toe, and had also been sexually abused. Can you guess who is being charged with these disgusting crimes? The girl’s mom, Amanda Guidry, and the mother’s boyfriend, Jason Delacerda! What the heck is wrong with people!

The two face felony charges and were arrested Thursday. On Wednesday, the mother had called 911, and her daughter died later at the hospital. The cause of death is believed to be blunt force trauma.

How could anyone, especially a mother do this to their own child? Did family and friends not see any warning signs that the child was in distress? How can they live with themselves torturing a child? May the courts show no mercy and lock these two up for the rest of their natural lives. This is when the Texas Death Penalty comes in handy, make use of it!

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