40 First Dates… Baby Edition

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So I was watching the movie 40 First Dates with Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler and Sean Austin the other night. It's about a guy living on Hawaii who meets a girl with short-term memory loss. Whatever he does to impress her, the next day she can't remember a thing and her life is pushed back to square one by her father and brother. They do this to 'protect' her. 

Well, with my 4 month old Jillian I feel like my wife and I have the same setup. Each day i come home from work, say hi to my little girl, play with her for 30 minutes then my wife starts a nighttime routine while I go downstairs clean up all the baby toys, wash all formula bottles, sterilize them and make food for her the next day. Put away her car seat, set out an outfit, wash her clothes and put in place all the other infant items… all so when she wake up in the morning, her day can start bright and beautiful. 
It's a fun time which won' last more than 40 days… she can't crawl yet. But I am sure other parents do the same kinds of routines all over the world.

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