40 Year Old Virgin actor is found guilty of attempted murder

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On Thursday, Shelley Malil was convicted of attempted murder as well as other charges that were related to the stabbing of his former girlfriend in 2008 in San Diego.

Malil, starred as on of Steve Carell’s co-workers in The 40 Year Old Virgin as well as numerous movies and TV shows.

Last week, while Malil was on the stand he admitted that he stabbed Kendra Beebe over 20 times. He said he didn’t know it was her he was stabbing. A former employee at the insurance company Beebe worked at, mentioned about some naked pictures of a couple that were having sex. The pictures were emailed by Malil to workers in three of the offices at that company just the night before the attack.

On Wednesday the case went to jury and Malil was convicted of premeditated murder along with assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. He will also be charged with assault on David Maldonado who was there at the time of the attack in Beebe’s home.

Malil will face 21 years in prison.

Well good. He gets what he deserves. He should pay for it and 21 years isn’t long enough to see justice served. He ruined her life forever, so at least he isn’t getting away with it.

Article source: LA Times Blog

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