400 Naked Brits Set Skinny Dipping Record (Video)

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Four hundred naked Welsh men and women jumped into the surf off the coast of Swansea, Wales on Sunday, June 19, braving the shrinkage factor and leaving a lot of photographers trying hard not to avert their eyes, in order to get the shot. But it was all for a good cause.

According to the UPI, the local residents of the town made the record plunge to raise money for the Marie Curie cancer charity fund, a British non-profit agency.

A total of $20,000 was raised through sponsorship and donation. And, by looking at the video below, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

The previous single location record was set in 2008, but that was a mere 250 people. The world record for skinnydipping had over 2,000 participants in 2010, but they were spread out all over the world.

Luckily there was a videographer on hand at Sunday’s event to Save the “Wales” and raise the cash. And, even more fortunately, that person used a wide lens. Set way, way back. It’s a new and novel idea to make these world record attempts for a charitable cause. It’s easier on the wallet.

And the eyes…

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