5 dumb reasons to oppose health care reform

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I’ve simplified it for you (and it was also originally 10 reasons).


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1. It’s socialism. There is no new government health program in the bill. Private insurance companies would not only survive under this bill, they would get millions of new customers. That isn’t socialism.

2. It’s a government takeover. The federal government would be more involved in regulating insurance companies. So, increased government role, yes. Government takeover, no.

3. It’s being “rammed through.” This bill has consumed 15 months of hearings, legislating and debate in Congress. And Congress has been attempting health care reform time and again for 100 years.  That’s not “ramming”.

4. Reconciliation is “ramming” AND cheating. Reconciliation is a Senate budget process instituted 30 years ago. Since reconciliation bills can’t be filibustered, they need only 51 votes to pass — so everybody uses them to get things done. A chart of 15 major reconciliation initiatives in last weekend’s New York Times shows that Republicans have used the process many more times than Democrats. And we’re not talking small ball. Republican presidents have signed reconciliation bills that, among other things, cut welfare benefits, expanded health coverage, raised taxes, reduced taxes and overhauled the student aid system. In this case, reconciliation will be used to amend a bill that’s already passed the Senate with 60 votes. Cataclysmic, as Sen. John McCain put it? I think not.

5. It would penalize senior citizens by cutting Medicare. Seniors in regular Medicare would get the same benefits they have now, as well as additional services, like free preventive care. The AARP, which has 40 million members over age 50, says it supports health reform because it will put Medicare on a sounder fiscal footing.





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