$5 Garage Sale Find Actually Andy Warhol Sketch Worth $2M

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A man’s $5 garage sale find may end up being worth a stunning $2 million. Have you ever been this lucky at a yard sale? Most people certainly are not. As to why the owner sold an early Andy Warhol for $5 is another story altogether.

$5 Garage Sale Find Actually Andy Warhol Sketch Worth $2MOf course, the sketch is extremely early. Experts believe that Andy Warhol sketched the picture when he was 10 or 11 years old. That is amazing! Andy Fields is the lucky bargain shopper who stumbled upon the stunning $5 garage sale find. The subject of the sketch is Rudy Vallee, an actor/singer from the 1930s.

For a while there was some doubt as the authenticity of this sketch, but now experts have officially proven that the sketch is indeed an Andy Warhol. What a lucky $5 garage sale find for Fields. What would you do if you got such a bargain treasure? Would you keep it or sell it to get the millions? As for Fields, he plans to display the sketch. Hopefully he gets good insurance for it.

They often say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in this case the trash was always a treasure.

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