5 Things Oprah Learned About 50 Cent

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Here is an Excerpt From My Daily Blog; What Is This World Coming To ?

Oprah Winfrey is back at it again. Oprah kicks off her latest season of interviews with industry rap mogul 50 Cent. If your not familiar with the history between the two; please allow me to update you. In the past 50 Cent has openly expressed his resentment for Oprah. He viewed her as a sell out initially because, he felt that she did not embrace hip hop as a culture. It was rumored that 50 Cent on numerous occasions referred toOprah as a female dog. He even bought a pup and named itOprah.



Here are
5 Things Oprah Learned About 50

1. He meditates regularly.
2. Received his mantra  from Deepak Chopra, whose book he’s currently reading.
3. He was not allowed to use curse words in his grandmother’s house and still follows that rule.
4. A recent conversation with philanthropist Ray Chambers was life changing for him.
And my favorite….
5. He believes either pray or worry…no need for both.
Great conversation about rap culture, fatherhood, love, and life. He describes himself as two people – Curtis and 50 Cent – I was fascinated to hear his description of them both. Really glad I did it.  Really liked him.     –Oprah


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