50 Cent Debuts Stunning New Song ‘My Life’

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50 Cent and Eminem blow Adam Levine away in a fantastic new rap music video titled “My Life” which debuted Wednesday morning on Vevo.

The premier rappers returned to their hard-edged roots with explicit lyrics, while Levine whines about how he has “nowhere to go” from a high-tech cubbyhole.

The wimpy choruses are jarringly set against the profane lyrics wrapped around Levine’s milquetoast vocals as Eminem and Fitty evade buzzing helicopters on foot and in a tricked-out black Mercedes-Benz.

The mesmerizing (and extremely explicit) video is the first release from the highly anticipated next album by 50 Cent, “Street King Immortal,” which drops in February.

The video is much too raw to attach here, but it does represent a return by both rappers to their no-holds-barred style, something most critics have reviled the two top rappers for recently.

The music video is flawlessly produced and follows the action movie format rather than a typical rap video which usually includes over-the-top scenes of decadent partying.

If this is an indication of what is to come, it will be the best album 50 Cent has ever made.

Stay tuned.

To watch the video, click here.

But be warned. It’s very explicit.

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