50 Cent/ Rick Ross Baby-Momma Beef

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So apparently rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross got Beef about Tia – Rick Ross’ baby momma. This is news to me since though I’ve heard of 50 Cent, this Rick Ross fellow is only known to me as being in that mobile phone commercial. I say “that” commercial since I have no idea what the company was. All I remember was there was a skinny white guy who looked like a transvestite. And by “LIKE” I mean “EXACTLY”. I’m man enough to admit I wondered about my sexuality after watching him gyrate…

But back to the baby momma beef: 50 Cent interviewed Rick Ross’ baby momma Tia and she spilled the beans about Ross having worked as a corrections officer and their child support dispute. The beef continued as she said Rick Ross wasn’t as rich as he claims (but how could that be since he has all that commercial money?).

Then to put the icing on the beef cake, 50 Cent took Tia out shopping for fur coats. Nice one, 50. Rick Ross got nothing on you now tough guy!

Remember when rappers settled beefs with guns and the like? Not with the internet and buying ladies fur coats? Ah, those halcyon days…



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