50 cents Shocking Slim Down!! [PHOTO]

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Rapper 50 cent has dropped 50 lbs for an upcoming movie, Things That Fall Apart, about a football player who dies on cancer. The rapper looks nothing like he did before it is truly scary. I almost didn’t even recognize him when I first saw him. It is very unsettling the transformation and it can not be healthy.

50 cent said that it took him nine weeks to lose all the weight and he had to commit
himself to a three-hour-a-day treadmill walk and a liquid diet. No that they are done filming 50 wants to beef himself back up and look healthy again. But he should be careful losing all that weight and then gaining it all back can be really tough on your body!! However I will say wouldn’t it be nice just to drop lbs whenever we want? I am a little jealous. But if I’m gonna lose that much weight I would try the healthy way before taking such drastic measures. What do you think of 50 cent’s insane transformation??

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