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In today’s 2010 Winter Olympics on NBC, one of the last remaining events was held with the Men’s 50kilometer cross country race.  If you’re wondering “50 kilometers is how many miles“, here’s your information source.  It’s important to know that 1 kilometer is equal to 0.621371192 miles.  So to convert 50k to miles you simply multiply 50 times 0.621371192.   The answer, 50 kilometers is equal to a little over 31 miles, 31.0685596 to be exact.

The importance of 50 kilometers relates to today’s Winter Olympics Cross Country event.  In the 50 kilometer cross country race, Norway’s Petter Northug won the gold medal as he finished in 2 hours 5 minutes and 35.5 seconds.  Germany’s Axel Tiechmann was second for the silver just 0.3 seconds behind Northug, while Johan Olsson of Sweden captured the Bronze and was 1 second behind the leader.

Fans may have been wondering the answer to 50 kilometers is how many miles due to the fact this cross country race took such a long time to complete.  Knowing the answer to 50k to miles you can now inform friends and family of the interesting fact regarding how long this race is in miles.  It’s quite a long distance for Cross Country skiiers to travel, but many achieved the finish.  The 50-kilometer race is a 31 mile race, which would take most people a long time by foot, skiis or snowshoes.

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