’50 Shades of Grey': Books lead to college course

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Get ready America, 50 Shades of Grey is coming to a college classroom soon, and a sex educator is to thank for the “mommy porn” discourse.

American University adjunct professor Stef Woods would argue with the “mommy porn” label, however, and will cover whether that title belittles women’s sexuality in her class this spring. And that’s a relief, as who would dare call erotic reading for men “daddy porn”?

Woods will also be looking at issues like sexual double standards, domestic violence, the role of social media in the three books’ success, and the poor writing and editing style criticisms made about it. So don’t look for her course to be a chance to act out some of the books’ 14 or so erotic sex scenes.

It sounds like Stef Woods wants to educate females on the college campus about the need to differentiate between erotic writings that titillate and entertain and those that appear to demoralize or subject women to abuse in the guise of romance.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Her class of 25, which consists of about 22 females, will be required to write a sexual genogram as well as compose their own version of one of the introductory chapters in the book. So this isn’t a class where women will just come and sit and chat about what they liked best about their read. They’ll be expected to critically analyze the book, and to see if they could have done a better job writing one of the chapters. Isn’t that a clever idea?

Woods didn’t coin the sexual genogram term used in her upcoming course, but her mentor did, allowing her to tweak it and use it for the class beginning in January.

In basic terms, she says a sexual genogram is a synopsis of a person’s sexual history coupled with any experiences in their life that contributed to their sexual development (or sexual preferences) in some way.

And Woods says that she’ll be creating her own sexual genogram before class starts, and she encourages anyone who plans to keep up with her blog reporting on the new erotic class case study to do the same.

There’s already a waiting list for Woods’ class, so forget about trying to get added at the last minute, but it would not be surprising to hear of more erotic book academic courses springing after this one begins, especially since The Province is reporting that the erotic book trend is expected to just keep going into 2013.

And with the fantasy book being made into a film, who knows when 50 Shades of Grey-inspired ideas might end?

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