’50 Shades of Grey': Did E.L. James Steal Christian Grey from an 80’s Flick?!

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50 Shades of Grey may be the newest cultural phenomenon but there are rumors speculating that the erotic novels were never really based on Twilight and instead were based on a 1986 movie which resembles the books to a T.

Apparently, E.L. James didn’t change her characters too much from the film she based the movie on. In fact, Christian Grey has pretty much all of the qualities of the character in this popular 1986 film.

Any idea what film E.L. ripped off the idea for 50 Shades from?

It was Nine 1/2 Weeks, starring a handsome Mickey Rourke as an 80’s era Christian Grey.

As The Stir points out, the similarities between Rourke’s character in the film and Christian Grey are quite striking. Here’s what was discovered:

The similarities between the S&M loving “John” in Weeks and Christian Grey are uncanny. All the way from his perfectly styled rusty brown hair to that smile that goes into a “straight line.” Down to his wardrobe of perfectly pressed business suits, his finance job, limitless wealth, starkly gray apartment overlooking the city. Down to his penchant for crops, belts, blindfolds, and psychological torture. Down to buying his love slave clothes, fascination with food, and having sex in clock towers, alleys, and other crazy places. Want me to keep going? I could … on and on and on.”

Even the names are similar, since Mickey Rourke played John Gray and E.L. named her character Christian Grey. Coincidence? Probably not.

Do you think differently of 50 Shades of Grey now that they were most likely not based on Twilight and actually based on another film altogether? Are the similarities too close for comfort?

What do you think of this new revelation?

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