’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Alexander Skarsgard and Alexis Bledel in New ‘Trailer’ (Video)

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50 Shades of Grey movie talk has been mostly focused on Ian Somerhalder recently because E. L. James cheekily responded to a tweet about the actor playing Christian Grey. However, another vampire is reminding fans that he once said that he’d like to seduce Anastasia Steele in the billionaire’s Red Room of Pain—True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard has been featured alongside Alexis Bledel in a sexy fan-made trailer.

According to Fashion & Style, YouTube user 1tender1 created the latest trailer, and it’s no surprise that some shots from Alexander’s steamy ad for the Calvin Klein fragrance Encounter were used—when the ad first hit the web, Fifty fans were quick to point out that Alexander’s sexy, smoldering character seemed very similar to Christian Grey. Other clips, including a few racy bedroom scenes, were taken from True Blood, and Alexis Bledel makes a quick appearance as Ana in a few clips from Gilmore Girls.

Alexander Skarsgard would be an ideal pick for the 50 Shades of Grey movie because he’s proved that he’s extremely comfortable shooting nude scenes, and he can get a hungry look in his steely, blue-green eyes that’s very Christian Grey-like. Alexander has also pointed out that he already plays a character with a sex dungeon on True Blood, and with his experience playing a vampire, he’s become very well-versed in the art of seduction.

Perhaps because 50 Shades is based on Twilight fan fiction, actors who have played vampires are very popular fan picks to play Christian Grey. Ian Somerhalder is the obvious frontrunner, but once upon a time a lot of fans wanted Robert Pattinson to star as Christian. However, E. L. James nixed this idea by saying that she doesn’t want him in the movie.

There are also fans of The Vampire Diaries who support Ian’s costar Paul Wesley, and recently Breaking Dawn – Part 2 actor Erik Odom started getting a bit of buzz. He played nomadic vampire Peter in the movie, and his name has been thrown in the mix because of a few tweets he’s exchanged with E. L. James.

You can check out the latest fan-made trailer below to see if you think that Alexander can beat out these other blood-sucking babes to play the billionaire with a taste for BDSM.

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