’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Alexander Skarsgard Weighs In

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For the 50 Shades of Grey movie, Alexander Skarsgard has been one of the most talked-about men to play the role of the wealthy Christian Grey. Though the True Blood actor in real life is much older than the fictional character who’s captured the attention of women of all ages—Skarsgard is 36 to Grey’s 27—he has so many other qualities that would make him a good fit. He can play broody, he can play controlling, he can play moody, and he’s pretty damned good at playing sexy, too.

Many online lists that speculate and countdown the top choices to play Christian in the upcoming film include Alexander as one of their top candidates. But are these even a reflection of the conversations that the actor is having with the movie studios? Finally, after numerous rumors and opinions about casting, he’s speaking for himself.

While at an event to promote a new Calvin Klein fragrance, which he’s also a spokesperson for, the Swedish actor/model was asked about a possible role in the upcoming movie. His response? “Step one is always reading the material… before you’ve done that, you can’t say if you’re excited or not. I haven’t read the books. All I know is that they are very popular, obviously.”

There you have it. Alexander Skarsgard hasn’t exactly put as much consideration into the 50 Shades of Grey movie role as much as his fans have. If it was a project he was taking seriously, surely he would have read the book by now. He doesn’t even seem the least bit curious.

Does this new development around casting for the film disappoint you?

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