’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Are Tweets Evidence That Erik Odom Is Christian Grey?

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Does the 50 Shades of Grey movie finally have its Christian Grey as well as its director? The company author E. L. James has been keeping lately is very interesting—she’s been spending time with Jack Morrissey, the partner of Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon, as well as Breaking Dawn – Part 2 actor Erik Odom.

James and Morrissey recently tweeted back and forth about the evening they just spent out together, but they weren’t just tweeting each other. The pals who have obviously become thick as thieves were also directing their tweets to a fan fiction writer with the Twitter handle @abstractway and to actor Erik Odom.

As many Twihards know, Erik played nomadic vampire Peter in Breaking Dawn – Part 2. The 26-year-old is the right age to play Christian Grey; he has gorgeous light gray eyes; and he even has copper-colored hair. Erik recently tweeted this about hanging out with E. L. James and Jack Morrissey:

“@E_L_James @jack_morrissey@abstractway You too…as of this morning I understand your avoidance of vodka (chugging water on the way to LAX)”

So perhaps James has been hiding her perfect Christian in plain sight. It certainly sounds like Erik was treated to a very wild night.

Since James is a Twilight fan, it makes sense for her to choose Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon to direct the 50 Shades of Grey movie – this gives 50 Shades a connection to the franchise that led to its creation. And maybe, Bill suggested Erik Odom as a Christian Grey option after working with the star on Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Odom had done very little movie work before getting cast in the final Twilight film, so he’s not a big name. However, neither was Kristen Stewart before he got cast as Bella Swan. Sometimes filmmakers like to cast unknowns who aren’t connected to big roles, which could be because they want blank slates to work with. Or maybe they just like creating new stars.

So what do you think of Erik as Christian?

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