’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Chris Brown Talks About Playing Christian Grey (Video)

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Unlikely 50 Shades of Grey movie option Chris Brown recently responded to reports that he’s a favorite for the film by doing his best white guy impression. So is he really interested in portraying the billionaire who loves beating women with whips and riding crops?

Here’s what he said about 50 Shades when he was asked about starring in the film during an interview with Power 106’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood:”

“I’ve read the book. I think it’ll be dope. I know the character’s white.”

He then proceeded to do his best impression of an indignant white guy while saying, “Oh my God! That’s not true to the book. We hated Hunger Games!”

His Hunger Games quip referred to a few racist fans of the film who complained because they thought that some of the characters played by black actors should have been white.

There would certainly be nothing wrong with casting a black actor as Christian Grey, but Chris Brown might not be the best option. A lot of 50 Shades of Grey fans defend Christian’s behavior in the erotic novel by saying that Anastasia Steele consents to being tied up and spanked by her dom, but Rihanna didn’t consent to Breezy battering her. These fans who claim that Christian isn’t abusing Ana would not be happy having a real woman abuser attached to the movie, and they might boycott it. And it would be even worse if Rihanna tried to get more publicity by getting cast in the movie together.

If a black actor were to be cast as Christian Grey, maybe someone like former underwear model Mehcad Brooks would be a better option.

Breezy fans who want to see more of his acting will still get a chance to see him on the silver screen when he stars in the break dancing flick Battle of the Year next year.

During the interview, Chris also talked about becoming another controversial character. He said that he was supposed to be Osama bin Laden when he dressed up for Halloween, and had this message for everyone who complained about his costume:

“It’s f**king Halloween! It’s a motherf**king pagan holiday. We dress our kids up as Satan, demons, little goblins, and all this other sh*t,” he declared. “Get over it, people!”

Breezy also talked about his sex life, dishing about the longest amount of time he’s gone without sex and how he deals with booty calls. He didn’t say that he plans on imitating Christian Grey by building a sex dungeon and drawing up sex contracts.

You can check out his enlightening interview below.

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