’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Could a Black Actor Like Mehcad Brooks Play Christian?

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie casting ideas being thrown around have started to get a bit too boring.

By now most fans have added actors like Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, and Channing Tatum to their lists of favorites to play Christian Grey, so they might be scouring the web looking for fresher ideas. Policymic has come up with one that is definitely intriguing: Mehcad Brooks.

The black actor landed on the site’s list of 25 actors that could play Grey alongside his True Blood costar Alexander Skarsgard, and just like fan favorite William Levy, he’s a former underwear model. He also has something in common with Matt Bomer—his own show on the USA Network. But while Mehcad has a lot in common with his fellow favorites, the color of his skin definitely makes him stand out.

So would 50 Shades of Grey fans accept a black Christian Grey? Bomer’s sexual orientation has led to a big debate about whether or not he should get the part (namely because author Bret Easton Ellis started complaining on Twitter), but most Fifty fans seem to be perfectly fine with the gay actor playing Christian because he looks the part. Obviously Mehcad Brooks looks nothing like Christian, so they might not stand up for him in the same way.

Some fans of The Hunger Games threw a Twitter fit when black actress Amandla Stenberg was cast as Rue, so sadly there would very likely be a similar backlash if a black actor was cast as Christian. And you can bet that even non-Fifty fans would be upset—racist groups would get all riled up when after learning about the existence of a movie featuring a black man tying up a white woman and trying to make her his sex slave.

Unfortunately the producers of the 50 Shades film probably aren’t brave enough to consider a black actor for the role, anyway—most black actors and actresses only win roles where being black is part of the requirement, which really limits what parts they can play. Hopefully one day audiences will decide that there’s nothing wrong with a black Spiderman (it’s extremely sad that we’re not there yet).

On a lighter note, here’s something interesting about Mehcad’s mysterious upcoming movie Fencewalker—he’ll be starring alongside Katie Cassidy, who has been named as a favorite for the role of Anastasia Steele. The X-Files creator Chris Carter directed Fencewalker, which has seemingly been in production forever and still hasn’t been released.

So would you be okay with a black actor like Mehcad playing Christian?

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