’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Favorite Amanda Seyfried Goes Brunette and Talks Sex (Video)

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f50 Shades of Grey movie casting watchers have probably seen the popular fan-made trailer featuring Amanda Seyfried and Garrett Hedlund, but a clip from the movie Lovelace might be what really proves that Amanda has what it takes to play Anastasia Steele.

In the clip, Amanda makes a very beautiful brunette. However, it’s a shame that she’s sporting brown contact lenses and big, feathered ’70s hair since Fifty fans won’t be able to use any Lovelace footage to make new fan-made trailers featuring the actress.

Amanda Seyfried stars as adult movie actress Linda Lovelace in the movie that sure to feature plenty of raunchy scenes. Amanda even admitted that she had to perform fellatio on a popsicle to make one of her sex scenes more realistic.

Linda Lovelace’s movie Deep Throat is often credited with helping to make adult films popular with the public. So when it comes to affecting the way society feels about sex, Deep Throat has something in common with 50 Shades of Grey—E. L. James’ bestselling book has also sparked a small sexual revolution.

In 50 Shades, Anastasia Steele is a virgin who explores her sexuality when billionaire Christian Grey tries to make her his sex slave. And in Lovelace, Amanda’s character is a woman who also explores a sexual taboo by engaging in sex acts on film. Linda Lovelace would later claim that her abusive husband Chuck Traynor forced her to star in adult movies.

So Lovelace and 50 Shades are similar in that they’re both about women who engage in certain sexual acts because of the men they’re with, but they’re different in that Anastasia Steele willingly enters Christian’s world of BDSM.

In the clip below, Amanda utters a line that could have very well come from the oft-bitten lips of Ana after she unleashed her inner goddess in Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain:

“At first I’m closed up like a flower bud and then gradually the petals start to open, and then I finally learn about myself and I learn how to enjoy sex. And I feel free.”

So will one movie about a woman’s sexual awakening help Amanda land a role in another one with a similar theme?

You can check out her performance below to see what you think—does she prove that she’s perfect for the role of Anastasia Steele?

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