’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Favorite Ian Somerhalder Gets Groomed

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50 Shades of Grey favorite Ian Somerhalder has something in common with Christian Grey—grooming is evidently very important to the actor.

Sadly there’s no word on what kind of “manscaping” Ian is into when it comes to his buff bod, but at least he keeps his fingernails nice and neat.

Yahoo! omg! recently posted a photo of The Vampire Diaries star getting a manicure while he chatted on the phone. Perhaps he was talking to girlfriend Nina Dobrev, or maybe he was mixing business with pleasure by talking to someone about an upcoming movie project.

There’s one movie project in particular that Ian’s fans want him to get a phone call for—there’s been a big online campaign to get the actor cast as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades Grey movie. Ian Somerhalder was recently asked by TMZ if he would go Grey, and he responded by saying, “You never know.”

Maybe he was getting a manicure because Nina Dobrev hates dirty, ragged nails, or maybe he was getting groomed for his TV series. Ian might play a vampire, but he definitely doesn’t want to look like Nosferatu.

It’s also possible that he’s keeping himself well-groomed just in case he does get a chance to audition for the 50 Shades of Grey movie—having nice and neat nails will be very important when it comes to playing Christian since the sex fiend enjoys putting his hands all over Anastasia Steele’s body.

Ian’s hot enough as it is, but do you like The Vampire Diaries star even more now that you know that he’s such a well-groomed guy?

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