’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Ian Somerhalder Meeting With Filmmakers? (Video)

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie looked like it found its Christian Grey a few weeks ago when a fake magazine cover featuring Matt Bomer fooled some fans of the book, but recently Team Ian Somerhalder fans found a reason to rejoice.

In a YouTube video taken from a Vampire Diaries convention in New Jersey, Ian can be heard talking about going out to L.A. to meet with “those guys,” and his comment is met with loud applause from the crowd. The user who posted the YouTube video wrote that “those guys” referred to the 50 Shades filmmakers.

Needless to say, lots of VD and Fifty fans got very excited about the prospect of Ian playing Christian. But according to Wetpaint, producer Dana Brunetti responded to rumors that Ian Somerhalder was going to be auditioning for the 50 Shades of Grey movie with this tweet:

“maybe he was lied to by someone? None the less, we are only meeting with writers.”

So did Ian’s agent cruelly lie to him as some sort of sick prank?

It’s hard to tell for sure if Ian was actually talking about the 50 Shades movie in the video in question – the part of his comment which refers to the people that he’s going to L.A. to meet is cut off. So whoever posted the video could be trying to fool fans into thinking that Ian is one step closer to getting the part.

Or perhaps he really is going to L.A. for an early meeting with filmmakers that was supposed to be a secret. Even if filmmakers are meeting with actors, it’s still way too soon for them to pick a Christian and Ana – after all, there’s not even a director and screenplay for the movie yet. Anyone who gets cast in the movie will have to see the screenplay and get approved by the director. The producers could be putting feelers out there to see who is really interested, but they don’t want fans to know about these early meetings since they could lead to big disappointment later on when certain actors like Ian don’t end up scoring a role in the movie.

Wetpaint also speculates that Ian might have been playing a prank on his fans. Hopefully not – Fifty fans are extremely serious when it comes to news about the movie.

Maybe Ian is even trying to pressure filmmakers into casting him by constantly talking about the movie.

In the video in question, it sounds like a fan asks Ian who he would want his Ana to be (which is evidence that he actually was talking about 50 Shades). Sadly his real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev already said that she doesn’t want the part, meaning another pretty brunette would have to be cast alongside him. Right now rumor has it that Shailene Woodley is author E. L. James’s favorite for the role, while fans favor Alexis Bledel and Emilia Clarke.

So do you still hope that Ian will end up playing Christian?

You can check out the video causing all the buzz below.

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