’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Matt Bomer’s ‘White Collar’ Costar Talks Casting

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50 Shades of Grey movie favorite Matt Bomer certainly is sparking a lot of interesting discussions about the film.

Earlier this year, American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis got into an argument with Fifty fans about whether or not Matt could play Christian Grey—he proclaimed that Matt couldn’t accurately portray the character because he’s gay. Unsurprisingly, Ellis lost that argument.

There’s also a big online argument between the Fifty fans who want to see Matt win the role and those who support Ian Somerhalder’s campaign for the part. Luckily for fans tired of arguing about the same old issues, they could have another debate on their hands thanks to Matt’s White Collar costar Willie Garson.

According to Examiner, Willie doesn’t agree with Bret Easton Ellis’ assertion that sexual orientation has anything to do with acting ability—after all, he’s a straight actor who convincingly played a gay character on Sex and the City for years. 50 Shades of Grey fans will definitely agree with him here, but they might bristle at Willie Garson’s claim that fans have no pull when it comes to who gets cast as Christian Grey in the movie.

He dubbed the online campaigning for Matt “insane” and said, “The Matt thing with the Christian Grey thing has just gotten so ridiculous.”

However, 50 Shades fans might argue that the movie producers will have to notice their choices if they campaign hard enough for their favorites. After all, the producers want to ensure that they please as many fans as possible so that they’ll all pay to see the movie when it finally gets made. Fifty fans also seem to enjoy arguing for their favorites, and perhaps they are the future of movie casting—maybe someday producers will actually use polls and fan feedback to cast movies based on popular books.

So do you agree with Willie that Matt’s fans are being “insane,” or do you think that they might actually be helping his chances at becoming Christian Grey?

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