’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Nikki Reed Talks Playing Anastasia Steele

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie might not feature Kristen Stewart as Anastasia Steele, but another Twilight actress could step in to steal the role from a long list of hopefuls.

Author E. L. James thinks that it would be too weird to cast K-Stew and Robert Pattinson as the couple that she created — the characters that enter into a BDSM contract are based on Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. However, this hasn’t stopped other Twilight stars from getting linked to the 50 Shades film. Ashley Greene often appears in fan polls, and Kellan Lutz is definitely a favorite for the role of Elliot Grey. The actor is an obvious choice because Elliot is based on his Twilight character Emmett.

There have also been rumors that Breaking Dawn – Part 2 actor Erik Odom could be up for the role of Christian Grey since he’s actually spent some time hanging out with E. L. James.

But now one more Twilight star is ready to get raunchy in the 50 Shades of Grey movie — Nikki Reed has revealed that she might be interested in playing Anastasia Steele.

Nikki is very good friends with 50 Shades producer Dana Brunetti and has known him since she was 15 years old. Here’s what she told Entertainmentwise about their relationship: “I formed a very close bond with Dana and Dana’s wife, and I’ve lived with them off and on and they’re like my brother and sister so I speak to them daily, and I can’t wait to watch where this [Fifty Shades of Grey] goes.”

However, Nikki Reed might not just watch the movie. Here’s what she said when she was asked about the possibility of starring in it: “I would consider working with Dana in any form.”

So it’s not exactly a yes, but it definitely sounds like a maybe. Nikki better be careful now that she’s opened up this can of worms — poor Mila Kunis and Emma Watson got just a little annoyed with the press for constantly questioning them about 50 Shades while they were trying to promote other projects. They finally both broke down and said that they’re not interested in starring in the movie.

So since they’re both out, fans should appreciate having a fresh face thrown into the mix. Nikki is a brunette beauty who definitely has the right look to play Ana, and she’s the right age for the role. She also has credentials that should impress E. L. James. Of course Twihard James would fangirl over Reed because of her connection to Twilight, but the author might also feel a kinship with the young actress since she’s also a writer — Reed co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Thirteen when she was just 15 years old, and she played a promiscuous wild child in the critically-acclaimed film. Her movie Mini’s First Time also dealt with dark sexual themes, so Nikki might be adventurous and brave enough to portray a BDSM beginner.

So can you picture Nikki playing Ana, or do you think that Ashley Greene would be a better pick with a Twilight connection?

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