’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Ryan Gosling Finally Speaks!

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie casting rumor mill recently had Ryan Gosling on top of the list of actors likely to play Christian Grey. So what does Ryan think of being a favorite for the role?

Not much, apparently. Even though there are multiple fan-made YouTube trailers featuring Ryan and new reports about him being connected to the movie almost every day, he seems to be blissfully unaware of 50 Shades. According to The Stir, here’s what he said when Extra asked him about the movie based on the erotic novel:

“I don’t … what is this book that everyone is talking about? It seems very popular.”

Come on! Surely his girlfriend Eva Mendes has a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Christina Hendricks also recently revealed that Ryan Gosling’s new movie How to Catch a Monster features a fetish club, so obviously Ryan is at least aware of the recent BDSM craze created by 50 Shades.

Maybe he’s playing dumb because the 50 Shades movie producers have actually approached him about playing Christian Grey in the film and instructed him to not say a word about their meeting. Or maybe he’s been so busy working on his new movie that he has managed to lose track of what is going on in the world of pop culture.

Some Fifty fans would love it if the latter were the case – not everyone wants to see Ryan play Christian Grey. In fact, he seems to be one of the least favorite actors for the part – based on internet buzz, fans prefer Matt Bomer, Ian Somerhalder, Alexander Skarsgard, and Henry Cavill.

But as Blue Valentine proved, Ryan can do raunchy just as well as he can do romantic.

So do you think that Gosling was playing dumb when he was asked about 50 Shades?

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