’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Ryan Gosling to Star, According to E. L. James’ Husband

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Has the 50 Shades of Grey movie found its Christian Grey already?

Producers previously claimed that no actors were in talks for the role because there was no screenplay and no director attached to the movie. However, E. L. James’ husband Niall Leonard recently revealed that Ryan Gosling is going to get the part.

According to NOW Magazine, Niall said that “last he heard” Ryan is set to star in the movie. This will likely leave many fans furious since actors like Henry Cavill, Ian Somerhalder, Alexander Skarsgard, and Matt Bomer were more popular choices for the role.

Fans probably thought they had plenty of time to campaign for their favorite actors to get the part, so this news might come as a shock to many. However, during a recent Vampire Diaries convention, Ian Somerhalder claimed that he was going to meet with some “people” involved with the 50 Shades of Grey movie. The producers denied that any such meeting was going to take place, but perhaps they have actually been secretly meeting with potential Christian Greys and Anastasia Steeles.

Or maybe Niall Leonard just doesn’t know what he’s talking about – it’s possible that he just saw a Ryan Gosling casting rumor on the internet, or maybe the actor’s name came up in talks about who should be considered for the part. Until the filmmakers or E. L. James herself give a name, 50 Shades fans shouldn’t freak out.

Ryan does have a big female following because of his role in the romantic movie The Notebook and because of how sensitive and sweet he seems to be in real life – the actor even inspired the “Hey girl” internet meme that’s all about making ladies feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, it’s Ryan’s caring personality and cute and cuddly looks that could hurt him when it comes to playing Christian Grey – Christian is a dark and disturbed character who enjoys physically harming women.

Then again, it wouldn’t be the first time Ryan played a guy in an unconventional relationship – in Lars and the Real Girl, he played a guy in love with a sex doll.

So do you believe Niall, or do you think that he’s been misinformed and that it will still be a while before the actor playing Christian Grey is named? And do you think that sweetheart Ryan could pull off playing the titillating tycoon who likes to tie up submissive sex slaves before spanking them?

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