’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Top 3 Christian Grey Contenders

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie now has three top contenders for the role of Christian Grey, and Ian Somerhalder isn’t one of them.

Ian has campaigned hard for the role, and he even told some fans of The Vampire Diaries that he was going to audition for it at a recent convention. But even though he has thousands of fans that would love to see him go from biting necks to spanking butts, he didn’t make the cut on the list of Christian favorites created by PolicyMic.

Instead, another sexy vampire made the cut—True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgard. Man of Steel star Henry Cavill is also a contender to play Anastasia Steele’s seductive love interest, but Ryan Gosling is the top choice.

Keep in mind that the list created by PolicyMic is just a matter of opinion; there’s no evidence that filmmakers have approached the actors on it in any way. However, producers of the 50 Shades of Grey movie could be checking out all the names being thrown around on the web, so it’s possible that they’re looking at Henry Cavill, Alexander Skarsgard, and Ryan Gosling as viable options.

Alexander and Henry have both starred in sexy fragrance ads that have fans comparing them to Christian Grey, and in them they proved that they can pull off being beguiling and brooding just like the billionaire. Henry will probably be a very hot commodity since he’s been cast as the new Superman, and Alexander absolutely oozed sex appeal in his Calvin Klein Encounter ad—it’s hard to imagine other actors being capable of smoldering the way that he does. Playing a vampire has definitely helped him get that hungry, lustful look down pat.

Ryan Gosling is an iffy choice. The ladies do love him, but he might be way too sweet and soft to play Christian Grey. He’s the kind of guy that gets a gal flowers and kisses her in the rain, not a man that would derive pleasure out of whacking a woman with a whip after tying her up.

So maybe Ian Somerhalder would have made a better top choice. He obviously knows that he’ll have no problem with what the role of Christian calls for since he’s actively campaigning for the part. So if he and Alexander both do audition for the movie, it could end up being a very sexy battle of the TV vampires. Who do you think would win?

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