’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Unexpected Singer Reveals Her Obsession and Wants to Play Ana?

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie casting buzz recently hooked a huge left turn into weird territory when singing superstar Leona Lewis highlighted Chris Brown and Taylor Swift as her respective picks for the roles of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Talk about strange selections! As if that weren’t wild and farfetched enough, another songstress has recently weighed in, too, and she actually sees herself in the movie!

At the New York City premiere for her new sports comedy movie, Here Comes The Boom, the pint-sized, Filipina sensation who is Charice showed that she is certainly not a one-note wonder. Not only has the YouTube star, who has also won fame on Glee, parlayed her talent from the studio and stage to the big screen, she’s also expanded her horizons by reading none other than E.L. James’ erotic, blockbuster tome. “I just finished the book… and I think people would get why I love it,” she admitted of her obsession with the Grey phenomenon, as Hollywood Life reports exclusively. “Of course, it’s not only about the naughty stuff… It’s a different love story, and I love it.”

File:Charice pempengco.jpgWhat’s more, she apparently even sees herself as possibly playing a role in the book’s film’s adaptation–although she would be an even more outside-the-box pick than blonde, girl-next-door Swift. Other actresses favored for the part, such as Alexis Bledel and Emma Watson, seem to be a much better match.

Good thing Charice isn’t interested in the main role. “I don’t think I could pull off Anastasia Steele,” she said. “But I can play Anastasia’s sister! That’s it!” She also said she’s looking for crazier roles–probably far more intense than her part in Boom with Kevin James–so 50 Shades of Grey would certainly fit the bill. But she may have to channel her inner “crazy” elsewhere, as she seems a long shot for any sort of Grey connection.

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