’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie: Would Channing Tatum Really Make a Good Christian Grey?

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The 50 Shades of Grey movie has inspired fans to come up with their own ideas of which actor would make the perfect Christian Grey.

At first it looked like Ian Somerhalder was a shoe-in for the role if Fifty fans got their way, but recently White Collar actor Matt Bomer seems to be the heavy fan favorite. However, could Channing Tatum sneak in and steal the part?

As Policymic reports, Channing has said that he would be interested in playing the part—as long as his wife, Jenna Dewan, gets to play Anastasia Steele. Jenna met her hubby on the set of the movie Step Up, and she starred on The Playboy Club, so she has some acting experience.

If Channing and Jenna are serious about starring in the 50 Shades of Grey movie together, they might be in luck; two actresses who were favorites for the role of Ana, Emma Watson and Elizabeth Olsen, have said that they’re not vying for the part.

Channing Tatum won plenty of female fans in the male stripper movie Magic Mike, and his real-life experience as an exotic dancer should make him comfortable filming steamy sex scenes in the 50 Shades film. And of course, it would probably be easier to shoot them if his wife was doing them with him.

However, Jenna Dewan is probably too sexy to play Anastasia Steele. She just doesn’t have that innocent and soft look that some of the other favorites for the part have (think Lucy Hale and Alexis Bledel). And while Channing is a good-looking guy, he’s probably too much of a beefcake to play Christian—he doesn’t look like he could do dark, brooding, and sophisticated very well. His look is probably best for action movies since he looks like a living action figure.

But what do you think, would Channing and Jenna make a good Christian and Ana?

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