$500 Million Powerball Winning Numbers Now Possible

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$500 million Powerball winning numbers could be revealed in the Wednesday drawing now. When the balls are drawn on November 28, it could become a world record in the process. A source is already claiming that the jackpot has been boosted from $427 million to $500 million ahead of the drawing.

The crazy amount of money available in this jackpot has led to lines of people trying to cash in this week. It’s amazing just how high the jackpot has become, but that’s what happens when it goes so long without a winner. Now, it looks like they might even set records for the number of tickets purchased.

It is also reported that the cash payout option for this drawing is at $327 million before taxes, which could be a huge payout for whoever is able to guess the six winning numbers. This is going to become the second largest total for Powerball winning numbers ever, just behind a $656 drawing for Mega Millions as the biggest lottery pot ever.

Ticket sales are going to continue through Wednesday evening, meaning it’s even possible that the jackpot could get bumped up again before the numbers are drawn.

Do you think that there will be a winner that selected the $500 million Powerball winning numbers on Nov. 28? What would you do with the money if you won this record jackpot?

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