500 Pound Stolen Beehive Belonged to Houston Restaurant

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A stolen beehive weighs 500 pounds was located outside a Houston restaurant. Police are searching for the three-foot-tall hive. This does not seem like something that would be easy to hide or steal for that matter.

500 Pound Stolen Beehive Belonged to Houston RestaurantThe hive was behind a restaurant in Houston named Haven, and the thieves were caught on security cameras, so that should help police locate this stolen beehive. This restaurant relies on the bees to both pollinate its plants and to provide honey for dishes. Haven is a farm to table establishment, and the hive is a huge part of its culture.

Haven chef, Randy Evans, said, “You’re not going to just pull up to a bee hive and move it. They came in at night, when it was cold and wet. Bees are the most docile at that time. They’re going to stay huddled up in their hive, on top of one another, creating heat to stay warm and stay dry.”

Why would somebody steal these bees? What else would they use it for? Also, to take it away from this type of restaurant seems unbelievably mean. The hive of 5,000 bees is worth about $1,000, but it is also worth more than that because of what it provides for the environmentally friendly restaurant.

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