60,000 In Nevada Will Be In Trouble With Out An Unemployment Extension Today

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Congress needs to act today on an unemployment extension to save 60,000 Nevada residents from serious trouble. Not to mention the many others outside of Nevada who’s benefits are on the table right now, as Democrats and Republicans bicker over what to do. Millions of people in our country have been out of a job for a long time, and still can’t find work anywhere. Unemployment benefits are how they pay their bills and put food on the table in these times.


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Unemployment benefits may be drying up for some people very soon if congress doesn’t act now. Republicans want an answer on how the estimated 12 billion dollars is going to be paid for and refuse to budge on the issue. This is a valid point to make, and is very important to the nation as a whole as well. However, instead of just blocking the measure, why not come up with some suggestions or plans? We don’t need any more bickering in Washington, we need action. Millions need food on their tables, this extension is one way to do just that. Both parties need to remember why they were elected, and get to work on fixing this problem.


If this unemployment extension disaster is not worked out soon, not only will those receiving a check be hurt. Grocery stores, banks, basically everywhere money is spent will feel the effects. Only time will tell how this will end up. But it is doubtful that another wave of foreclosures and bankruptcies is what our country needs right now.

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