63rd Primetime Emmy Awards Turn Green

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Get set for the 63rd annual Emmy Awards on Fox, with arrivals starting to air at 6 ET during the pre-show on the green carpet. That’s right, the green carpet.

While the typical carpet for typical awards shows are colored red, this time for the Emmy Awards 2011 the carpet will be green — signifying a green friendly show.

And that starts with the place where celebrity’s will plant their fashionable feet as they mill around and talk to reporters and generally get in the spirit of this annual fete. Said carpet is not only green in color but green in nature, too, as the floor covering is made at a LEED-certified plant (the world’s only of its kind) where 50 percent of this particular green carpet came from recycled goods.

This special carpet’s designer, Brian Worley, told The Huffington Post that with this green creation is “[a] great platform to educate people” regarding how to help reduce the carbon footprint and thus aid in helping the environment in general.

His thought for the day? “You can throw really elegant events like the Emmys and still be green.”

And green the Emmy Awards will be, with solar power a big part of the festivities. More than 250 solar panels (made in LA) are set up overlooking the green carpet, enabling arrivals to be lit by some 20 percent of the usual power that it takes to get the details in all the fancy duds worn by those who are participating in this annual event.

As for what happens next: After the show, these green efforts will be going to charity, with the panels and the carpet slated for both Habitat for Humanity and Ronald McDonald House.

And so, as the 63rd annual Emmy Awards is doing its best to be environmentally correct, allowing both green carpet and solar light panels to lead the way to taking at least once more step at saving the planet. Very cool, don’t you think?

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